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Heyy people of tumblr :D My name is keilys, been breathing for 17 yrs now, dance and swimming are my passion, I mainly made this blog to keep me motivated throughout my journey of going from 258 pounds to 120 pounds. im currently at 163 ibs and dropping the healthy way (: I have a history with Eating Disorder but im putting that in the past and starting fresh. there are times that i feel down and life looks pointless to me but gotta keep looking to the bright side cuz there always is <3 I dont just love getting advice but i love giving it so whatever the case maybe don't hesitate to talk to me (:

P.S :: also as many know I was in a relationship with a soldier but its over now and its been hard for me to get over it but eventually one day I will

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Yes please&#160;!! :D #amazing #onpoint #hotguys #heavenonearth #dreamcometrue #Lmfao

Yes please !! :D #amazing #onpoint #hotguys #heavenonearth #dreamcometrue #Lmfao

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